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Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives

Aims and Objectives
God Mission Church in Coventry, West Midlands contributes to the advancement of the Christian faith by following the principles of the Bible. We hope to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the words of God to all corners of the world. Our church also:
• Seeks new followers and converts through evangelism
• Encourages and facilitates the practice of religion by existing members through evangelising
•Encourages and supports pastoral work
• Promotes the study of religious teachings, practices and scriptures
• Promotes religious stories and/or guidelines
• Provides religious instruction and supervision
• Provides a place of worship for all

Benefits of the GMC

• Through counselling and support, we liberate persons who have physical and mental sickness and those who are suffering from addiction to drugs, alcohol or any other means.
• We provide monetary support by giving free spiritual advice and assisting persons who are unable to obtain such service.
• We aid the physical and mental sickness of persons living in Coventry, West Midlands and the entire world. We also help those who are suffering from the sorrow or loss through counselling and support.
• We provide regular public worship for all. We promote the Christian faith to all ages, and in provide training, nurturing and activities for children and young people in the community. These enable people to become better disciples of Jesus who will thereby help other people. Teaching people to learn and grow as Christians make a better society where we can live together in peace. This then challenges injustice and results to a fairer world that offers a safe place. When people feel safe, it transforms their lives.
• We use the gift of prophesy to encourage members within GMC and around the world.
• We pray for the needs of all people including the local and national leaders and government officials, as well as those who are in authority as instructed in 1 Timothy 2:1-3.

How GMC Will Advance the Christian Faith

• Keeping regular public worships free and open to everyone
• Educating the Christian faith through sermons, courses and small group discussions
• Bringing religious assemblies in schools
• Providing a youth club with a Christian ethos
• Providing a sacred space for personal prayer and contemplation
• Doing pastoral work including visiting the sick, prisoners and the bereaved
• Sharing the overall mission of the Church through activities for senior citizens, parents, toddlers as well as other special groups in the community
• Promoting Christianity through staged events and meetings and by distributing various forms of literature Providing support for other charities in the United Kingdom and overseas

Where GMC Operates
Though our church is based in Coventry, our services are available worldwide. We look past the race, social position, religious affiliation or vicinity of others. Anyone who seeks the Kingdom of the Lord is welcome.