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Financial gift from unknown person
Sermon By: Sis T.
On: Wednesday, 13 Nov, 2019
I have been passing through a difficult time. I needed money to help to resolve the unavoidable challenge. But that afternoon, My pastor and prophetess visited me in my house. I explained to them my situation. They prayed with me, they told me that God will provide for me. Within 24 hours, a man from nowhere whom i didn't know knocked on my door (I wasn't home), my mother in-law who was home then opened the door. The man said to her " I heard that your daughter in-law is looking for money, give her this envelope". She asked for his name, but he replied with "don't worry about that, just giver this envelope". The envelope contained a big amount of money. As if that wasn't enough, a few days later another friend of mine called me and asked me to give her my bank account in order for her to transfer money to me. To the glory of God, the challenge has been taken care of. I thank the pastor, prophetess and God of GMC for being there for me when I needed hepo