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Kidnapping Positioned for me failed!!
Sermon By: Brother O.
On: Wednesday, 13 Nov, 2019
Before I travelled, I spoke to my pastor and prophetess about travelling back to Nigeria, they prayed for me, and gave me anointing oil (which they prayed upon). I took the anointing oil with me. On my way to Abuja to east, I was supposed to be with my brother in the same vehicle, unfortunately something happened, it happened that I had to enter another vehicle, so I left, and the flowing day my brother was coming to meet me where I was in Imo State. On his way travelling to meet me, he was stopped and kidnapped at kogi state; the kidnappers requested for 5 Million Nira, this kidnapping was positioned for me who came back from abroad. I called my prophetess and explained everything to her. She told me not to worry my brother will be released in JESUS NAME!. I kept to that faith, I started praying with all my family members, we did all she asked us to do. To God be the Glory, after 3 days my brother was realised without any injuries. Unfortunately the other people whom were kidnapped with my brother were killed. Praise the Lord! I thank God for delivering my brother. I thank God for journey mercies upon my life.